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We can only succeed in uplifting our voices with your help

TMCD is looking for amazing organizations who believe in empowering American Muslims, giving our community a voice, and building bridges of mutual understanding. We are looking to partner with other faith based organizations (Muslims or people of other faiths), schools, Muslim Student Associations, Masjids, and more.

We would love to have you as a partner for this year's TMCD. As a partner:

  • Joint Branding: We will include your logo and organizational information on all of our promotional materials, videos, and press releases.

  • High Level Meetings: You'll be invited to high level meetings with state officials.

  • Organizing Committee: You'll be given a seat on the organizing committee for Capitol day depending on your capacity.

There is no cost to become a partner. We just want your support to promote the event, recruit your community members, and help us give a voice to American Muslims. Our team will work with you to organize your community's delegation.

To become an official partner simply fill out the form and one of our amazing team members will reach out to you.

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