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What is

Texas Muslim Capitol Day?

Texas Muslim Capitol Day (TMCD) is a bi-annual event that brings together hundreds of Texas Muslims to the state's capitol in Austin Texas. During the event, Texas Muslims hold meetings with elected officials, a rally in front of the Capitol, and a prayer service. This event is done in collaboration with dozens of other Texas Muslim organizations, schools, Islamic centers, and other groups in order to empower Texas Muslims to become more civicially engaged and have their voices heard.

Digital TMCD During Covid: The upcoming legislative session presents unique challenges due to Covid-19 restrictions. The TMCD organizing committee has decided to hold a 'digital Capitol day' rather then in person. What this means is participants will:



  • Step 1 - Register Online: The first step for anyone to participate in Capitol day is to register online. Everyone, including families must register as individuals. Our team will then put you into 'delegations' (groups based on common meetings with State Senators & Representatives).

    • Partnering Organizations: For our partnering organizations you may have your members register online on our website or you may choose to register your own members and put them in delegations. Please contact one of our team members to coordinate.

  • Step 2 - Arranging Meetings with Officials: Once registered our amazing team will setup a meeting with your delegation and your State Senator and Representative. At this phase you'll be introduced to other members in your delegation. Typically everyone registers at different times. So if you register early you might be the only person in your delegation. Over time, if others register and join your delegation you'll be introduced to them.

  • Step 3 - Training: Our team will provide online training to everyone who registers online. Completing the training is required before meeting with your elected officials. The short training will get you prepared and build your confidence before your meetings.

  • Step 4 - Education on Legislative Agenda: As Capitol Day gets closer, the TMCD organizing committee will hold listening sessions and will send out the finalized legislative agenda. The legislative agenda will be a list of issues that we will promote during Capitol day. It will include talking points, facts, and stories. The listening sessions are an important opportunity for you to give your input on the issues that we as a Muslim community will advocate for.

  • Step 5 - Capitol Day: On Capitol day, our team will setup the online meeting spaces for your delegation and your elected officials. You'll have two meetings that day, one with your State Senator and the other with your State Representative. All members of your delegation will need to go online and join the meeting at it's designated time. The meetings typically last 15 to 25 minutes.