Thursday, Jan 28th, 2021

TX Muslim Capitol Day


Give a voice to your community, meet elected officials, and make a change. Register today and our amazing team will provide training and setup your meeting.


Representing your community and meeting elected officials can be intimidating. Don't worry, we've developed easy trainings that will make sure you and your delegation are prepared for the day.


Are you a Muslim organization, Islamic Center, school, youth group, or any other group and want to bring your community out? We would love to have you. Click here to become an official partner of TMCD.



Texas Muslim Capitol Day is a bi-annual event where Texas Muslim from across the state visit the Capitol to have their voices heard, meet elected officials, and make positive change. This one day event includes a rally outside of the Capitol, meetings with elected officials, a prayer, trainings, and lunch. TMCD brings together hundreds of diverse Muslims from across the state to participate in this program.


Mustafaa Carroll

Muslim Capitol Day isn't something that is nice to do but is something we have to do. Our democracy only works when everyone participates. If we don't speak for ourselves and our community then others will do it for us. I hope all Muslims in Texas will participate in this year's capitol day.



Ambreen Hernandez

Our voices are powerful and will make a big impact when they are heard. Participating in Capitol Day allows us to stand for justice and overcome hate. Meeting with my elected officials and sharing my community's concerns was empower and uplifting. This is our civic duty.


Faizan Syed

I love Capitol Day. Seeing diverse Muslims from across the state of Texas coming together to do their civic duty gives me hope. Together we can overcome Islamophobia and hate of all kinds. I hope the Muslim community, schools, our religious leaders, and everyone participates in capitol day.